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The Irish Times and loyalist violence - the censorship continues.

The Irish Times and loyalist violence - the censorship continues.

Most readers of this blog site will be at least vaguely aware that the UDA - Ulster Defence Association, the pro British paramilitary group in the Six Counties, has been involved in a series of extremely violent confrontations in the last few weeks. I have also already written about the fact the British government announced a large-scale funding package in March of this year for that same organisation – please see the article “The British Government pays the Irish Mafia to go away - it wont.”, which can be found in the archive list on the right.

Loyalist violence has got so bad in the last few weeks that the devolved power sharing administration in the North has been forced to review the London inspired decision to fund the UDA, despite its failure to even consider the decommissioning of its weapons. Amongst others, please see the BBC's coverage of these events at -

The letter reproduced below was sent to the letters editor of the Irish Times following this latest upsurge in loyalist UDA inspired paramilitary violence. The letter points out that the site for the new MI5 headquarters in Belfast literally faces the spot, across Belfast Lough, where the most recent violence has taken place. The irony here relates to the fact that the British “Secret Service” (MI5) helped rearm pro British paramilitaries in this country in the late 1980s. Given this undeniable fact, I argue that it is now incumbent upon her English majesty’s spooks to close the Pandora’s Box which they have opened by disarming those same loyalists.

Needless to say the Irish Times declined to publish the letter (which is a posh way of saying that they binned it) probably without even getting past reading the headline. This is now the fifth letter within the space of two years, regarding collusion between the British state and loyalists, which the Irish Times (the alleged “paper of record” in Ireland) has refused to print. Nevertheless, after some thought about the issue, I intend to continue to send letters to the Times on this and related issues and eventually to compile all the letters into a short pamphlet. Here is the letter:

Upsurge of violence in Carrickfergus – as seen from the new home of MI5 in Ireland

Madam editor a chara

As far as I am aware, not one journalist in Ireland has made a link between the British “Security Service” MI5 and the most recent upsurge of loyalist violence, this time in Carrickfergus, which resulted in the shooting of a policeman amongst other violent acts. I have argued for a long time that MI5 bears a direct responsibility for loyalist violence – past, present and future – following its decision to help rearm loyalist paramilitaries in the late 1980s.

This decision was made with the blessing of the then British Cabinet's Joint Intelligence Committee and arms were duly imported from South Africa using a number of strategically placed "agents" within the loyalist community. Brian Nelson was only the tip of the iceberg within this network of spies. This is not fantasy. This is what happened. The new MI5 headquarters in Hollywood County Down looks out over Belfast Lough and across to Carrickfergus. Is it too much to ask that the new “security” moguls who run MI5 in our country, take out their high powered binoculars, and other James Bond surveillance paraphernalia, and reacquaint themselves with their former allies? After all, MI5 is the organisation best placed to disarm loyalists given that it gave them the weapons in the first place.

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Title: The Irish Times and loyalist violence - the censorship continues.
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