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Chroniclers are privileged to enter where they list, to come and go through keyholes, to ride upon the wind, to overcome in their soarings up and down, all obstacles of distance, time and place.
Charles Dickens - Barnaby Rudge, Chapter The Ninth

Think before you think - some responses

It is, I suppose, ironic that I should praise a scientific invention after writing the essay below - see Child abduction - Thinking the unthinkable – Think before you think, which questions the scientific community' s attitude to spiritual and philosophical matters. The fact is, though, that this blog site represents a minuscule part of the incredible invention that is the internet and one of the great advantages of the invention is the way it fosters communities.
Here are two responses to "Think before you think". They are both written by men. Men whom I regard as my brothers and soul mates. I have never met one of them (Finn) and Sean I unfortunately only see once in a blue moon. But lack of physical contact doesn't matter. We are travelling the same road and the worldwide web illuminates part of that road.
This blog site has been going for around 18 months now and if I never had a reaction to anything I launched into cyberspace, and if I never have a response in the future to anything I write, these two replies will have made all the effort worthwhile and I will die a happy blogger.

From Sean

Hi Paul the undoubted miracle of the
BlackBerry, just read your article on good, evil and
science.....very good read and I have echoed those
views many times....fulfilling the words of poet
D Thomas...."grant me Lord that I may see, the
world within the blackberry"
Science is an approximation, a valid attempt to
understand, but like all zealotry, seeks absolute
power, maybe.

So, thanks for your thoughts as I head East on
the train from London, to home.

Hope you are well,


Sean mct

From Finn

I wanted to try and write one or two thoughts on
your last piece. I
didn't feel that I should put them as a comment
unless you feel so.

I do not want to believe that evil exists in the
sense that a greater
power controls the agony that many live in this
world. I always want
to believe that inherently man is good and that
when things go wrong
it is purely because man has left a divine path
and quite frankly
made terrifying mistakes. (Please excuse the
naive nature of this
letter.) I have vague memories of the writings of
the desert fathers
where a monk is boiling an egg and the Devil is
standing at the
doorway gob smacked at the actions of the monk,
marvelled by the mere
fact of boiling an egg. Thus, I have always
referred the Devil to
mischief and chaos. I believe that evil is
orchestrated by the greed
and desire of man. It is calculated with man made
inventions. It has
nothing of the mystical intricacy and power of
the divine; dark or
So all that said, how can one hope that the
recent events you have
documented will never occur? I do not know a
steadfast solution. I
know for my own children living in a rather
secure and peaceul part
of the world, we make certain that they are aware
of their body and
that their body belongs to them and noone else.
Thus any advance by
another is unacceptable until such time as their
maturity desires it.
This openess in our family has nurtured an
awareness in Timothy and
Liam that I would hope will serve. We have also
instilled in them the
need to never feel isolated, intimidated and so
on and so forth. I
don't know if some of these lessons would have
helped children taken
from their families. I don't know and I wish I
didn't have to think
of this.
Good is everywhere in the universe and it just
takes man the courage
to search for it in all its diversity, colour and
creed. Your dear
Nanna was right in good works and prayer and she
is still there
watching over those in need.

Love to you all from us here and we are waiting
for the day when you
turn up on our doorstep with your clan. There is
more than enough
room for one and all and plenty to eat and drink.

A tres bientot

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