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Pól Ó Lorcáin
Paul Larkin

Chroniclers are privileged to enter where they list, to come and go through keyholes, to ride upon the wind, to overcome in their soarings up and down, all obstacles of distance, time and place.
Charles Dickens - Barnaby Rudge, Chapter The Ninth

The DUP prodigal sheriff rides into town. Let's all support the new sheriff!

Sheriff Paisley
Sheriff Paisley

As two more leading lights in the DUP – Members of Parliament Peter Robinson and Jeffrey Donaldson – are co-opted onto England’s Privy Council, the DUP is claiming that it will now have access to secret intelligence on the IRA and loyalist paramilitaries from MI5 and other security agencies.
According to the BBC (see for example), the party has said the move will “help it judge whether republicans remain committed to peaceful means”. Now here at Cic Saor, we stood up and applauded when the DUP “crossed the road” and shook the hand of the Fenian Devil recently (well not literally but they are edging towards it), and if the DUP now wants to ensure the rule of law and “peaceful means” we believe that it should be fully supported despite the mistrust that has dogged our mutual past.

All would agree that probably the major threat to peace and law and order on the island of Ireland comes from loyalist paramilitaries who have refused to give up a single weapon, but here we are in luck, because the DUP is the group best placed to help us find where loyalist arms are stored and the paramilitary personnel responsible for looking after them. Now, Ian Paisley and Peter Robinson have been very busy lately so this fact has probably slipped their minds as it has the fawning journalists who have been reporting on recent events in the peace process. So here at Cic Saor we want to jog some Paisleyite memories in order to point the “All New DUP” in the right direction, as we are sure that the party will leave no bog or culvert unturned to get those potentially murderous South African grenades and assault rifles back in the hands of the forces of law and order. They can even use their local expertise to brief their fellow “Right Honourables” in the Privy Council on the great blow they will have struck for peace in our time by securing the decommissioning of their once fellow loyalists.

Charles Watson - UVF-Ulster Resistance
Charles Watson - UVF-Ulster Resistance

Now the list of potential sites for loyalist weapons is almost endless so in our eagerness to keep things simple and help those Privy Counsellors in their defence of “peaceful means”, we are going to just mention two areas which are almost certain to yield immediate results. Two areas, that is, where the good reverend Paisley can search amongst his own flock and discover that terrorist wolf clothed as a sweet lamb. Except this time, of course, the wolf’s teeth, when bared, are a bloody red white and white blue.
Dr. Paisley will have no problem in recognising the source of our first helpful suggestion in his search for loyalist arms dumps, for this is none other than Charles Watson whom he once described as “a very fine man and a very good friend”. Watson, along with the Reverend Paisley and others was a founder member of Ulster Resistance, a former British soldier in the now defunct Ulster Defence Regiment and also a leading member of the UVF which, up until recently at least, would hold a ceremony at his graveside and place a wreath from the UVF’s “Battalion Staff” in Belfast. Charles Watson was executed by the IRA on the 22nd of May 1987 and it would subsequently claim that he was a leading member of both Ulster Resistance and the UVF, a claim which was denied at the time but subsequently proved to be correct.
Now, by its own admission, the DUP has close communal links with militant loyalists in the area of Clogh, County Down where Watson lived and we also know that those who were keeping guns and other weapons for Charles Watson (guns that were used in scores of murders including that of Jack Kielty – father of comedian Patrick Kielty) also kept arms for the UVF and Ulster Resistance. Its seems, therefore to us to be a straightforward case of the DUP using those close contacts to get local loyalists to point out where these arms are buried. There need be no question of arrests or prosecutions. The DUP is in a win-win situation here because its claims for wanting to maintain the peace will be vindicated and at the same time it can play a role similar to the clergy who officiated at the destruction of IRA weapons.

Concerned Protestants - Paisley, Robinson, McClinton
Concerned Protestants - McClinton, Paisley, Robinson

The second area where the DUP is guaranteed immediate success in its role as peace keeper lies just over the border from County Down in North Armagh. This time, the name of the loyalist organisation is Concerned Protestants which was a front organisation for “King Rat” Billy Wright’s UVF and then subsequently the LVF (Loyalist Volunteer Force). Once again these organisations have arms dumps all over the county and once again the DUP is well placed to approach former Concerned Protestant members because the DUP helped to set this organisation up. Not only that, and just to confirm the DUP’s access to information regarding loyalists, the leadership of the DUP appeared alongside leading members of the UVF when they attended huge rallies in support of UVF Mid Ulster commander Billy Wright in Portadown. Our picture of a Concerned Protestants rally shows Ian Paisley and Peter Robinson walking alongside Pastor Kenny McClinton, himself a convicted loyalist murderer and pastoral “confessor” to the LVF. It seems to us that the DUP might consider approaching Pastor McClinton in the first instance as an opening gambit in getting “terrorist” weapons off the streets and placed in the hands of the arms decommissioning body prior to destruction. The DUP’s Reverend William McCrae also addressed a Concerned Protestant rally where he was escorted onto the stage by a leading member of the LVF (the late William Fulton) and went on to share a platform with King Rat himself. Thus, another good DUP man of the cloth would also seem to be well placed in any attempt to persuade loyalists in Mid-Ulster to decommission their weapons.
Cic Saor understands that these are sensitive issues which have to be approached on a long term basis before success can be achieved, but we have no doubt that the DUP will respond to our call to use its undoubted influence to make this island just that little bit safer for all of us in its new role as Lawman in the once lawless North.


What is the Privy Council.

This might clarify the matter:

A privy council is a body that advises the head of state of a nation typically in a monarchy.
The word "privy" means "private" or "secret" thus a privy council was originally a committee of the monarch's closest advisors to give confidential advice on affairs of state.

In non-monarchial nations (e.g. the United States) the equivalent body is the "cabinet" although some nations have both a privy council organized around the monarch and a cabinet organized around the prime minister (e.g. the United Kingdom).

The Privy Council consists of all the members of the Cabinet, former Cabinet ministers, and other distinguished persons appointed by the Sovereign. Its functions include issuing orders in Council, granting Royal Charters, and acting as a court of appeal from British Courts in overseas territories.


In other words, it is the highest decision-making body of the boss class.
by: Graeme Atkinson (contact) - 18 May '07 - 14:49
Thanks a million for that explanation Big Fella - I always wondered what the Privy Council was! And your last statement about the "boss class" is spot on. There is a also a particular class of self-proclaimed socialist both in Britain and Ireland who seek to defend the Unionist position because they cannot face the fact that it is, at best, an upper class English ideology and, at worst, a purely fascist ideology which regards the Irish as subhuman.
by: Pol (contact) - 18 May '07 - 15:01


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