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Pól Ó Lorcáin
Paul Larkin

Chroniclers are privileged to enter where they list, to come and go through keyholes, to ride upon the wind, to overcome in their soarings up and down, all obstacles of distance, time and place.
Charles Dickens - Barnaby Rudge, Chapter The Ninth



De gnáth bím ag obair go dian ar mo chuid scríbhneoireachta, agus ag dul dó faoi choinne uaireanna (corruair seachtainí); go dtí go bhfaighim sruth an tobair, go dtí go bhfuil me sásta leis an teachtaireacht a bhfuil ag teacht ó “mo pheann”. Ach anocht, agus me ag amharc ar an phictiúr sin thuas, nil agam ach rud amháin a rá – DOCHREIDTE!
Cúis cheiliúrtha. Cúis a bheith sásta. Cúis codladh níos fearr a bheith ag achan nduine i dtír s’againn anocht.

Normally, I be working for ages on my writing, hammering away at it for hours, (sometimes weeks); until I find a wellspring of inspiration, until I am happy with the message emanating from “my pen”. But tonight and me looking at the above picture, I have only one thing to say – UNBELIEVABLE!
A cause for celebration. A cause to be happy. A cause for a more restful sleep for everybody in our country this night.


I know, I saw it on the Danish news last night. As you say - unbelievable! And of course the Danish reporter had to pose an embarrassingly daft question to Peter Hain, "Were you disappointed they didn't shake hands?". Come on ...
by: Rikke (contact) - 27 Mar '07 - 08:32
Thanks Rikke

What a dumb question. I hope this was pointed out to him/her. Still at least they are covering the event. Now how about a peace process for Greenland!?
slan leat a chara
by: Pol (contact) - 27 Mar '07 - 10:50
The whole room was cringing, I think. Daft woman.

Anyway, a peace process for Greenland? Yes, that's an interesting process all right. I hope I'll live to see their independence!

(who's due to give birth to a 1/4 inuit any day now)
by: Rikke (contact) - 28 Mar '07 - 17:38
well I am really glad you told me that Reggae (<;, because now you can settle a pub argument. Is it right to say Inuit or can we also use Eskimo depending on which geogrpahical area we are in? One of me mates in Grogans here in Dublin insists that some "tribes" do in fact call themselves Eskimos.
Haaber alt gaar godt (jeg taendte en stearin til dig/jer)
Go n-erigh go geall libh
by: Pablo (contact) - 28 Mar '07 - 20:53
Originally the term Eskimo was used in a derogatory way by Inuits in Canada about Inuits in Greenland - it means "people who eat raw meat" and thus has a negative connotation. The Inuit word for "human (being)" is "inuk" - "inuit" in plural. The word Inuit is becoming more and more common but a lot of people still use Eskimo. The study of the people is still called Eskimology. So there :-).

Rikke :-)
(Could you light a few more candles? They don't seem to be doing the trick)

PS. In Denmark we've an ice cream called "Kæmpe Eskimo" (huge Eskimo) and to my surprise I saw it in shops in Greeland too...
by: Rikke (contact) - 29 Mar '07 - 08:44
That is some craic Rikke. I am going to Grogan's on Friday so Ill be going well informed. Your man owes me a pint because I insisted that Eskimo was derogatory. Not that I can see anything wrong with raw meat meself.
As for your not moving - women are supposed to enjoy every minute of their pregnancy so just sit back and enjoy ....Im glad I am not in Sønderjylland as I am sure you would kick me!

by: Pablo (contact) - 29 Mar '07 - 10:12
Could you feel the kick I sent you through cyberspace?
by: Rikke (contact) - 29 Mar '07 - 10:16


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