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Pól Ó Lorcáin
Paul Larkin

Chroniclers are privileged to enter where they list, to come and go through keyholes, to ride upon the wind, to overcome in their soarings up and down, all obstacles of distance, time and place.
Charles Dickens - Barnaby Rudge, Chapter The Ninth

FRU spooks think its all over and they got away with it. They’re wrong.

The FRU of West Det. (Fermanagh/Donegal) including Ian Hurst (circled)

In keeping with the staged photo above, people imagine that the FRU went round the back streets and hills of Ireland, ducking and diving, guns concealed in glove compartments and stuffed down trouser belts etc – a life of derring do. However if we read the more credible accounts of those who served in the FRU, they were often an ill disciplined group involved in frequent bouts of drinking “jollies” and ignoring basic army procedures. This is perhaps why proper soldiers in the British army refer to groups like the FRU as “slime”. Those real soldiers were also well aware that the FRU’s soldiering “exploits” were usually more to do with the manipulation of pathetic people or people with pathological problems whom the FRU could recruit to its ultimately murderous cause.

Brian Nelson - FRU sponsored assassin

For example, the sadistic loyalist killer Brian Nelson was recruited to the FRU in the mid 1980s despite the fact that the FRU was aware that in the 1970s Nelson had abducted and tortured the half blind and physically vulnerable Gerald Higgins who never recovered from his ordeal. Nor did his family. Or, in fact, poor Gerald’s family have in fact recovered in a surprising way and that, really, is the point of this blog.

Senior FRU officers and Brig. Kerr, their commander in chief

Not one member of the FRU, not one single FRU soldier, has ever been prosecuted for their foul activities in Ireland. In fact the opposite is the case. For their commanding officer Colonel Gordon Kerr received a gallantry award and was promoted to Brigadier after his final tour of duty here. One of the main officers handling Brian Nelson (Captain Margaret Walshaw) was similarly lionised. Nor has any ex FRU member anywhere “whistleblown” the FRU by explaining exactly how named FRU soldiers used spies in "Irish" areas to guide loyalist death squads to their targets, nor how they directly assisted those same loyalists death squads in murdering the likes of Pat Finucane in front of his wife and children, nor indeed how the Fermanagh based FRU helped arm what became dissident groups in places like Donegal, Louth and Tryone in the early 90s, a process that led directly, in my opinion, to the Omagh bomb.

Sold and out of print without a single mention in the mainstream media

In my book “A Very British Jihad”, I describe how much of the above worked in practice. The reason why I wrote that book is not to call for blood curdling vengeance against the British – as anyone who reads the book soon realizes. Having met many people who are obsessed with vengeance, it seems clear to me this emotion corrupts and corrodes the would be avenger more than anyone else. A self defeating mania. What was and is important about telling the full story of the FRU and RUC Special Branch is that it will help us to break free of governance by secret fiat and unaccountable oligarchies of which the FRU was a kind of armed wing.

An Chéad Dáil - The first Dáil 1919
We need to remember our dreams of an authentic peoples republic

I am well aware that many Irish republicans and left wing journalists want to move on from Troubles related issues and God knows I share that goal. However, unmasking the FRU and how it worked and was assisted all over Ireland is a key priority in building a new society and a new form of discourse. How for example did FRU “sources” get such an apparently free run in the Press and media? How exactly did MI5 use the FRU in the propaganda campaign revealed in the de Silva report? How did FRU operatives in the South receive logistical support from the British embassy in Dublin as they clearly did? What did the southern administration know about the hacked material going into News International’s Dublin office as recently as 2006? How many FRU and Special Branch operatives did News International have on its "books" during the Troubles - given what we know now about hacking and illegal payments for information?

These questions would not go away even if a 1919 type Dáil were elected tomorrow morning.

Brigadier Gordon Kerr - Capo di tutti capi of the FRU conspiracty

Here is my prediction – it will be the families of FRU victims (the FRU was later subsumed into Joint Services Group), victims like Pat Finucane, the Omagh bomb families and by extension Gerald Higgins's family who will, by their tenacity and courage, reveal the full horror of what the FRU and England’s secret government was really up to here in Ireland.

(Picture of Gerald Higgins to follow)

Please remember the partially blind Catholic Gerald Higgins in your prayers and thoughts. His body parts were electrocuted and singed before he was taken away to be shot by FRU agent Brian Nelson. Remember Gerald and his family the next time you hear a former FRU member talk about the need for transparency and openness in the state structure.

@Paul Larkin
Gaoth Dobhair
Mí Lúnasa, 2013
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Title: FRU spooks think its all over and they got away with it. They’re wrong.
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