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Pól Ó Lorcáin
Paul Larkin

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Press and Media Release regarding News International Activities in Ireland

Paul Larkin Investigative journalist
Press and Media Release regarding News International Activities in Ireland
Fri 07-Jun-13 9:57

Following the start of court proceedings in London against former senior executives in Rupert Murdoch’s News International corporation on hacking charges, one of Ireland’s leading investigative journalists has called for an investigation into the actions of News International’s Ireland operations.

Former RTÉ and BBC journalist Paul Larkin has questioned the failure of the Department of Justice and the policing authority in the North to investigate the activities of News International’s former chief executive in Ireland Alex Marunchak who himself was arrested on hacking charges in October last year along with the head of a private detective agency Jonathan Rees. Marunchak was News International’s Chief Executive in Ireland between 1996 and 2006.

“In May 2012, Communications Minister Pat Rabbitte stated categorically that the practices of British media exposed by the Leveson inquiry into media ethics were never present in Ireland. When making this statement, the minister was clearly unaware that a number of serious complaints have been made by Irish citizens, or in an Irish context, regarding hacking and legal infringements. Moreover, in 2011 a BBC Panorama programme revealed that a large amount of hacked material was sent by fax to News International’s Dublin office in 2006,” Larkin said.

In June 2012, former RUC Special Branch officer and collusion whistle blower John Weir made a complaint to the Leveson Inquiry that in 1999 he had been forcibly removed from Nigeria at the behest of News International acting in collusion with both British and Nigerian intelligence agencies. Weir’s complaint also made an allegation that a bribe had been paid by News International staff in Ireland for the procurement of top secret Garda (Irish police) files. Also in 2012, human rights lawyer Jane Winter confirmed to Leveson that her PC and that of her clients had been hacked by News International in 2006. Belfast solicitor Peter Corrigan has confirmed that his email correspondence with Ms Winter was also hacked.

“Quite apart from the ethical questions raised by these incidents, in Ireland (unlike the UK) there is a clear danger of there being a political element to this kind of activity. In 2011, former Northern secretary of state Peter Hain was told that he and his staff had also been targeted for hacking and in that same year of 2006. To this can be added the fact that former FRU operatives in Ireland have claimed that they were contracted to and/or regularly paid by News International. Indeed the alleged hacking operative working for Southern Investigations is himself a former member of the British army’s notorious FRU unit,” Larkin points out.

The Metropolitan Police department that is coordinating the police investigations into hacking has confirmed that they have looked at the complaints made to Leveson from Irish sources but have taken the decision that these are matters for the Irish authorities. However there is no indication that the Met has passed this information on to the Irish authorities, or that Irish police have been closely monitoring the Leveson Inquiry. We seem to be in an Irish hacking Chicken and Egg situation.
Paul Larkin now calls on both the Justice Department, the Garda Síochána and the Northern Ireland Police Authority to investigate the above complaints as a matter or urgency.

“It is not a matter of seeking to limit the scope of legitimate inquiry, but rather to discover whether, as has already been established in the UK, News International infringed basic human rights. The idea that an Irish citizen may have been illegally rendered on the orders of a news corporation, or that there may have been interference in the peace process bodes a major scandal. If this proves to be the case, we are not only talking about serious breaches of Irish law but also of the rules governing American companies abroad, ” Larkin concluded.

Paul Larkin

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