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Pól Ó Lorcáin
Paul Larkin

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First Barron Inquiry Binned ! - What the media will not say

The joint Dáil and Seanad report confirming widespread collusion between loyalists and the British security forces is not just a vindication of what we have been saying for a long time, it also makes of a mockery of Justice Henry Barron's initial report on the Dublin and Monaghan bombs which tried to fudge the collusion issue. Amazingly, and to the hurt and pain of surviving relatives, Barron's initial report concluded that there was no firm evidence to show systematic collusion in the Dublin and Monaghan bommbs of 1974. Now major questions must be asked about Barron's "verdict" following the Oireachtas report which looked at a range of murderous attacks carried out around the same time as the Dublin and Monaghan attacks. Unless, of course, we come to the absurd conclusion that British security forces colluded with loyalists in a large number of attacks but decided not to bother with the Dublin and Monaghan bombings - an attack which irrevocably changed the nature of the conflict as it bulldozed the "Free State" goverment into taking a very hard line against Northern nationalists.
This point will not be made in any newspaper - except perhaps The Sunday Business Post and An Phoblacht.

Following on from this, I have sent another letter to the Irish Times - Will they publish it? Dont hold your breath:

Madam editor a chara,

In an article in your paper recently Olivia O’Leary wrote that the Miami Showband massacre in 1975 was “headline savagery” carried out by loyalists as part of the tit for tat warfare perpetrated by the two “tribes” in the North. I pointed out in an unpublished letter to your newspaper, and reported elsewhere, that Irish journalists have continually failed to report the role of the British security forces in “loyalist” attacks. In the light of the joint Dáil and Seanad report confirming widespread collusion between loyalists and British security forces including the Miami attack, will Ms O’Leary and many other Irish journalists finally admit the “terrorist” role played by British state forces in the conflict?

Beir bua

Paul Larkin

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Title: First Barron Inquiry Binned ! - What the media will not say
Date posted: 30 Nov '06 - 12:31
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