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Pól Ó Lorcáin
Paul Larkin

Chroniclers are privileged to enter where they list, to come and go through keyholes, to ride upon the wind, to overcome in their soarings up and down, all obstacles of distance, time and place.
Charles Dickens - Barnaby Rudge, Chapter The Ninth

Is De Silva aware that the same spook gang murdered celebrity comedian Patrick Kielty's father a year earlier?

No overarching conspiracy?

A young Patrick Kielty on right of picture, carrying his father's coffin

I know nothing about the political beliefs of celebrity comedian Patrick Kielty (if indeed he has any), but I admire him for one thing and that is if you look at the above picture of a young man burying his father in tragic and terrifying circumstances, you have to say that Kielty has faced into the worst possible adversity and risen above it with honesty and dignity, and he seeks no vengeance. The very opposite values displayed by the politicians, spooks and security force chiefs who created the macabre murder paradigm that wiped out Jack Kielty, Patrick Kielty’s father.


In the spirit of how Patrick Kielty has dealt with things subsequently, this short article about Jack Kielty’s murder, which happened on January 25th 1988, is not about revenge. It is simply a demand that the officers of the state who sent those killers to Jack Kielty’s business premises in Dundrum, County Down on that awful day be called to account. Furthermore, to nail Desmond De Silva’s assertion that there was no overarching pattern in this relentless murder campaign carried out by Britain's proxy war agents. One would have to be deliberately blind not to see the pattern.

I did an interview for Radio Na Gaeltachta last week about the De Silva report in which I called for a forensic examination of the decisions made by policy makers in the British state who took the decision not only to train and arm the most sectarian and lethal elements of Ulster Unionism but also to guide them to their targets. This investigation would not be to throw these people into jail but to ensure that the British secret state can never inflict this decades long terror on any other country – not in Iraq nor Iran, and not in Afghanistan nor China, the latter apparently being a new "theatre" for the spooks.

Now look dear readers at what British military agent Brian Nelson said about Jack Kielty’s murderers:

“ ... as time went by, I was able to piece together the circumstances surrounding Kielty's murder and who was involved. Needless to say, on McKee intimating his involvement, I informed my handlers, further supplementing this as information became available to me placing responsibility for this murder on Geordie King, Matt Kincaid, Jim Spence and Ken Barrett."

In other words (and this is where Desmond De Silva needs to look at the evidence rather than look away), Brian Nelson is telling us that the very same gang of police and spook agents who did Pat Finucane to death in February 1989 could have been taken out of circulation and put behind bars a year earlier. For we now know that the loyalist killers Nelson names above as the killer gang that murdered Jack Kielty were all involved a year later in the murder of the human rights solicitor in front of his wife and children - Eric McKee (overall commander of the West Belfast UFF) and police agents Ken Barratt and Jim Spence. But taking Pro British death squads out of circulation was not Nelson’s role was it? The opposite was the case. Nelson’s role was to act as a proxy catalyst for a sectarian murder campaign.

John McMichael a very effective loyalist leader and MI5 agent

Indeed, the murder of Jack Kielty, whose only crime was to be a prominent Catholic businessman and Gaelic sports enthusiast, gives more important clues to the guiding hand of a higher authority. The killing happened a good distance from Belfast in a mainly Irish Catholic area of County Down that was being monitored by loyalist supremo John McMichael who himself was a British government agent and who helped train UFF killers along with Brian Nelson. Nelson describes this training programme at length and in great detail in his jail journal and also describes John McMichael’s primary role very clearly.

Moreover, those loyalists who provided logistical support for Jack Kielty’s murder in that area of County Down were locally recruited British soldiers (in the UDR regiment) and RUC officers. These “upholders of the Crown” inflicted a reign of terror in the same region for over thirty years A small number of them went to prison for their activities but by far the majority didn’t.

Loyalist assassin and police agent Ken Barrett
is not the root cause of the murder campaign

But its time to forget about the trigger pullers and sectarian conspirators, so that we can look up and see the wider picture that the Kielty murder reveals to us.

It is beyond dispute that there was in fact an overarching secret state policy of assassinating not only Sinn Féin and IRA members but also prominent Irish Catholics like Jack Kielty and Pat Finucane and also just ignoring the hundreds of “mistake” killings these state trained assassin committed when they just killed their victims because of their religion or ethnicity

We’ve suffered the consequences of an overarching murder strategy now we need an overarching response that looks at the decision makers and covert systems that played this proxy terror card. A vigorous campaign by Irish politicians and activists and the many fair and civic minded politicians in Britain (by far the majority) will secure a full inquiry into all state sponsored killings. Not by looking at the murderers but by following the trail back to the headquarters, of the RUC and MOD and then on to MI5 and the back corridors of Whitehall.

Paul Larkin
Carraic, Gaoth Dobhair
Mí na Samhna 2012


Suaimhneas go síoraí ar anam Paidí Uí Shé a fuair bás inniu
Eternal rest and peace to the soul of Paidí Ó Sé who died today
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Title: Is De Silva aware that the same spook gang murdered celebrity comedian Patrick Kielty's father a year earlier?
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