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Pól Ó Lorcáin
Paul Larkin

Chroniclers are privileged to enter where they list, to come and go through keyholes, to ride upon the wind, to overcome in their soarings up and down, all obstacles of distance, time and place.
Charles Dickens - Barnaby Rudge, Chapter The Ninth

Robin Jackson was not an RUC agent. He was an RUC assassin.

Robin "The Jackal" Jackson - State sponsored assassin

I regard this as a very important blog as, particularly in the points I make in the last paragraphs, it contains cross referencing information about state sponsored loyalist killer Robin Jackson that has been missed or deliberately ignored by journalists and other investigating agencies. Please, therefore good readers, distribute this blog as widely as possible across the global internet.

Cic Saor readers should mark the 14th of December 2011 in their diaries as the day when a large hole appeared in the skies above Ireland. A collusion hole. A hole that allows us to “officially” see, how the British state's sordid and squalid sponsorship of a group of anti Catholic and anti Irish sectarian killers actually worked.

For yesterday we saw the partial release of the findings of the North’s HET (Historical Enquiries Team) report in relation to the Miami Showband massacre. The conclusion of the HET's report confirms a startling fact, what your author has been saying for a long time; namely that Robin Jackson, the so called "Jackal", was a key player in the Miami massacre.


In July 1975 three members of one of Ireland’s most popular showbands were killed outright by British soldiers manning a roadblock; others were badly wounded but managed to escape. There is a surprisingly good description of the attack and its implications in the Belfast Telegraph -

This attack was a classically fascist “Strategy of Tension” outrage designed to encourage the view that there was no solution to the Irish question other than the iron fist of the British state. The same killer gang carried out the Dublin and Monaghan bombs a year earlier.

In this period, there were serious attempts at building a peace process and contrary to a myth peddled by certain journalists that the IRA destroyed the peace process, it was these British soldiers and their loyalist cohorts who made sure that we got their "clamp down". The lives of these musicians were sacrificed at the ghoulish altar of an anti Irish Catholic Jihad whose watchword was – Croppies Lie Down.*

I have written before about the role of Irish journalism in this dirty affair here -

But with this report, Irish journalism stands exposed as having played the role of court jester for the dark Jacobean state that Britain was at that time. For we now have an effective official admission that one of the most lethal sectarian killers within the UVF had a close relationship with the RUC. This official acknowledgement is a collusion tsunami that will fall over former senior members of the RUC and the British military because Robin Jackson travelled all over Ireland, Britain and South Africa in his role as a very willing hired killer for the RUC.

Jackson was not as the papers and news outlets are now saying an RUC agent. He was an RUC assassin.

Can we be clear about this?
Robin “The Jackal" Jackson was not like British army agent and loyalist fixer Brian Nelson. Jackson did not go round taking pictures and carrying out surveillance with British state issued equipment like Brian Nelson did. Jackson didn’t need to; because in the 1970s at least, he was picked up from his home by RUC men and taken to the spot where the police required that a Catholic or republican activist be killed. Jackson’s victims even included a member of the RUC (Sergeant Joe Campbell a Catholic who may have been about to blow the lid off some of the collusion activity going on his area of North Antrim). We may ignore UVF claims that Jackson was not involved in this killing, an RUC officer (John Weir) who was also a killer in in one of these pseudo gangs has described Jackson's assassin role in detail. See here


The Miami Showband - Sacrificed on the altar of collusion

The survivors of the Miami Showband attack now intend to push for an explanation as to why Robin Jackson received a tip off from RUC Special Branch to make himself scarce before he was arrested over his involvement in the massacre. This question leads us to the core of the RUC's Jihad against the Irish. For the now deceased Jackson was, to my own knowledge, able to walk out of prison cells and remand centres on at least four occasions. On one occasion at Crumlin Road Courthouse, a judge asked the RUC why Jackson was not before the court along with other defendants, who were RUC men, involved in the murder of a Catholic. The judge was told that this was for “operational reasons”.

What were the faceless mandarins in Whitehall, and their senior officers on the ground in Ireland, thinking of when they placed the full military resources of the British state into the hands of killers like Jackson who had a feral hatred of Catholics?


In my book A Very British Jihad, I criticise the late Judge Henry Barron's report into the Dublin and Monaghan bombings for failing to realise the significance of Jackson’s role as a state sponsored assassin – see in particular page 312 – “Poor Research and cross-referencing”.

What I am referring to is the fact that British Army whistle blower and former intelligence officer Fred Holroyd has always stated categorically that Jackson was involved in the murder of leading IRA man John Francis Green. This murder took place in County Monaghan and a few months before the Miami Showband attack, and also in a period when the IRA was engaged in peace talks and had called a ceasefire. Judge Barron did important work in copper fastening Holroyd's claim that there was an undercover British army surveillance car in the vicinity at the time Green was murdered, but what he crucially failed to do was to point out that the Luger pistol used to murder Green and also used in the Miami Showband attack had Robin Jackson's fingerprints all over them. Now we are officially told by the HET that a senior RUC officer warned Jackson about the forensic evidence on the Luger and told him to disappear for a while. Given the widespread nature of The Jackal's murder campaign, this revelation has huge significance.

Both Holroyd’s and RUC killer John Weir’s account of the close relationship between Jackson and the Mid Ulster UVF on the one hand, and senior members of RUC Special Branch and British army operatives on the other, is now effectively vindicated. I am presuming that lawyers for the Miami Showband families will now speak to Holroyd and they will discover that "legendary" RUC officer Frank Murray was helping to "run" Robin Jackson. It will also be worth the while of those same lawyers to consult with John Weir. For Weir will tell them that Jackson also operated with none other than RUC Chief Superintendent Harry Breen.

RUC Special Branch Leader Harry Breen - a close associate of "The Jackal"

I should state that I am not asking for some kind of post factum campaign of vengeance against these police officers. Both Murray and Breen are dead now and may God rest their souls. However, it is important that the truth is finally told about collusion and the parameters of the public discussion changed.

At this very moment and not too far away from where I am writing this blog, a tribunal has spent a vast amount of time and energy to establish whether there was Garda collusion in the murder of RUC Superintendent Harry Breen.The whole exercise is a sop to unionists who wish to assert some kind of mythical equivalence between the RUC's wholesale collusion with loyalist killers like Jackson (Breen's in particular) and that of the Garda Síochána, an organisation that was renowned throughout the Troubles for its hatred of Irish republicans.

Where is the high powered Tribunal about the Miami Showband massacre or the Dublin Monaghan bombs? Our whole discourse about the British state’s dirty war against the Irish (who at first were merely calling for civil rights and one man one vote) has been inverted to Alice in Wonderland proportions.

It is very likely that we are seeing the long slow process of British withdrawal from Ireland, but Britain’s spooks and killers have successfully switched the focus of debate onto the leadership of Sinn Féin and the IRA and away from a murder paradigm that puts the whole of the leadership of the RUC, British Military Intelligence and the Civil Service in the dock.

But now the ghost of The Jackal has returned to haunt them.

Paul Larkin

Baile Átha Cliath
Mí na Nollag 2011

"Croppies Lie Down" is an anonymous Protestant loyalist anti-rebel folk song dating from the 1798 rebellion in Ireland celebrating the defeat and suppression of the rebels.


A Pablo, a chara
Thank you as ever for excellent and sadly pertinent writing. How difficult it is for so many to imagine at what level a state can collude? I know that some conversations I have are lost when people cannot, or will not, accept that the 'establishment' can commit such crime, and yet all around us in the financial world it is blatant and accepted. So why do people shirk from the truth of state collusion in Ireland? Love to all! Gra mor!
by: Finn Anson (contact) - 15 Dec '11 - 19:21
Go raibh maith agat Finn a chara

Im afraid that in a situation where the media and investigating bodies refuse to look at collusion in a comprehensive way, it comes down to the victims families to fight for the truth. The Miami Showband survivors and relatives now have a very good case for suing the British Government for its part in the attack and for failing to protect the lives of the victims.
by: Pol (contact) - 16 Dec '11 - 07:31


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