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Pól Ó Lorcáin
Paul Larkin

Chroniclers are privileged to enter where they list, to come and go through keyholes, to ride upon the wind, to overcome in their soarings up and down, all obstacles of distance, time and place.
Charles Dickens - Barnaby Rudge, Chapter The Ninth

Journalism and the Orange Broederbond

Picture this

We are still in South Africa. The World Cup is still on and a right wing, fundamentalist Protestant militia called the Broederbond (a white supremacist organisation which has fraternal links with Ireland’s Orange Order and related masonic lodges) has decided to exploit the media vuvuzela around this international soccer tournament to profess its right to hold a “Trek” through a black township. Why? Well because when the whites first planted the country this was one of their traditional routes and their rights as white settlers have to be upheld at all costs.

The worldwide liberal media is up in arms with correspondents waxing indignantly about racism, the history of white colonialism and the curse of social systems based on Apartheid. The heroic struggle of the indigenous blacks, whose dress, languages and customs were banned, gets special features in all media outlets.

Meanwhile in the North of Ireland, the British settler militia...
... (the Orange Broederbond) continues to push its annual six month long Trek through native Irish areas and where is the focus of those same media outlets?

Not on 400 years of a racist plantation policy; not on 400 years of heroic resistance by the natives (God Forbid); not even on the explosive gifthorse that is annually lain at the door of dissident republicanism.

No, the focus is on young native Irish delinquents and the fact that they are throwing stones instead of being tucked up in bed.

Will somebody wake me up when this nightmare media insult to my intelligence is finally over?


Codladh go sámh a Chodladh céad bliain agus na bi a súil le póg on Prionsa go fóill beag
by: Ali Mac Aindreasa (contact) - 15 Jul '10 - 10:49
Ali a chara Gael go deo

er.. "call me old fashioned" ach bhí me ag súil le pógín ó bhanphrionsa ar a laghad!
by: Pol (contact) - 15 Jul '10 - 10:54
A frustrated comrade sent the message below after being unable to post messages at Cic Saor - are others having similar problems I wonder?

New Comment

picture this,
a proxy government set up along tribal lines to ensure it happens every year,
making sure that everyone is suitably coloured orange or green, fenian or hun,
roman catholic or protestant, Billy or Paddy... a celebration and insistance on
focusing on only that which divides...

No room for socialists, because the "Irish delinquents" heading up the roman catholic side..
by: Pol (contact) - 15 Jul '10 - 13:56
A Pol, A Chara,
As ever Pablo thank you for an excellent 'holy well' of news!!
I have read and watched the events in Ireland and come to the ever same conclusion that the wrong questions are being asked to correspond exactly to already tailored solutions.
I often begin a day's research at the BBC considering, possibly unwisely, that such a media organ is to a certain extent transparent.
This evening as I consulted 'Fadooda', I also glanced at the BBC to be met with cheers of joy to 'Londonderry' and it's cultural achievement.
How can one expect a path forward when time, effort, money and power is being spent on cimenting a 'status-quo' bathed in past imperial triumph.
If one takes the same analysis and projects it to the unrest in 'the North' similar traits are found.
I have never been in a riot situation and am unable to comprehend strategy.
From an outside vision of media footage, I did notice that the sway of movement was fuelled with an intensity and anger but considering camera angles I am certain that both 'sides' in this civil unrest could well have administered an hammering to its 'opponent'.
From what I saw, neither did.
Let's say the establishment has the upper hand as it is equipped for such incidences and if necessary it could 'flail' without mercy; it, however, on BBC footage, remained starkly calm.
(This begs recognition of careful transmission by the state of events)
On the other side, so many vantage points came into view that had the 'rioters' wished, via bomb, bullet or burning pitch oil they could have charged the adversary away.
So. once again with my naive sensibility, I would suggest that if the powers that be were actually interested in finding a solution to the present day injustices/problems/incoherences...well, to put it bluntly...they could!!
And if the 'disposessed' wished to end their sentence they could also
The fact that they don't begs questions that I am unable at present to fathom but would sadly nurture insurrection in Ireland once more.
I amn't one to acclaim and recognize without reservation the progress that has been made politically in Ireland. I admit that Sinn Fein has upset me more than once and the 'penitent' unionists also.
I do believe though, from afar with access only to media, that something somewhere must give. If it gives, progress will continue. If, on the other hand, as An Phoblacht has been doing for the past couple of years, important root issues are not addressed the abcess will get worse and the foundations carefully, skillfully and enduringly lain will crumble.
by: Finn Anson (contact) - 15 Jul '10 - 22:15


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Title: Journalism and the Orange Broederbond
Date posted: 15 Jul '10 - 10:03
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