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Reactions to my Boycott Israel Blog

Understandably, my Boycott Israel blog (see below) provoked a big response. A lot of people who know me personally tend to mail me directly rather than posting onto Cic Saor.

So as to avoid a dialogue of the deaf, where both sides just have their own position and never consider the conflicting views of others, I am publishing two negative comments and one which supports what I said. None of the contributors wanted to be identified so I quote them anonymously:

I cannot agree with the proposal (of a boycott of Israel) no matter that I find what is going on in Gaza repulsive. In the Netherlands, Muslim youth are going on the streets shouting for Hitler and calling for Jews to be gassed. Similar shit was being shouted at the demonstration in Manchester a couple of weeks ago.
I would love to discuss this with you over a few pints of...
... beer.

I am 100% AGAINST this boycott. Israel has every right to defend itself. Hamas has started this awful war. Hamas wants to wipe out the state of Israel. I will fight to my end to prevent this from happening. Yes, we are ALL concerned about the civilians. Yet, Israel does not use humans as shields as Hamas does. Focus on trying to convince HAMAS to end their violence against their own people and against Israel. A boycott only fuels a terrorist to legitimize his terrorism. If you support Hamas, I do not respect you. I can understand supporting a Palestinian Nation alongside Israel, only if you do not deny Israel the right to exist. I support this state for the Palestinian people. Most Palestinians are dreadfully afraid of Hamas and do not wish for them to continue to bulldoze their terrorism in their areas. Go to Israel and see for yourself what Israel is all about, how Israeli citizens (Christian, Jew, Arab) live in peace, how schools promote peace and not hating their neighbor. Be part of a movement that is promoting peace that you, your wife and children have in Ireland. The United Nations....PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. They have been harbouring terrorist states for decades. And to think that Kurt Waldheim once was its UN chief. So, Israel shells the UN compound while Hamas takes over inside, shooting soldiers and their own civilians, to spark a world of outcry against Israel to make it appear that Israel went in to intentionally shell that compound. Again, the clever, yet sickening strategy of using humans as shields.

Do not make me frickin vomit at an Irishman's boycott of Israel from his cozy little home in wee little Ireland.

I support Israel. I understand why this war continues. In the end, Palestinians and Israeli citizens will be better off. Take a trip there. I can give you a list of a myriad of organizations and movements that you can constructively involve yourelf in, for the sake of peace for both sides. Your mind is the mind of an Israeli, not a Hamas terrorist. Your mind is the mind of an Israeli, not the mind of a poor Palestinian who only knows about rhetoric to destroy another nation.

PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE give me a frickin break about your 'fastucken' boycott.


Toisíonn barcode na hearraí uilig ón Iosrael leis an uimhir 729

Molaim go rachadh muid isteach i siopaí anseo in Éirinn agus damáiste a dhéanamh de na héarraí seo. Nuair a chuireann rialtas na tíre seo sa phríosún muid tabharfaidh sé poblaíocht idirnáisiúnta do chás na Palaistíní agus do Ghasa.

All the bar codes for goods from Israel start with the number 729

I think that we should go into shops in Ireland and smash up or destroy these goods. When the Irish government imprisons us, it will raise publicity for the Palestinian cause and for Gaza.

Comrades.boycotting Israeli goods now is a very middle class solution to dampen our shortcomings on the issue. Too little, too late. The fighting between Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades and the Israeli army is fascist on fascist, god state on god state. Our chief concern should be the civilians/citizens who are brutalised by both sides. What short of a secular solution can be adequate? What short of a secular solution could be believable. "an enemy of my enemy etc" rings hollow here. They are both aggressors. They are both enemies.


There is little time to 'dig' at each other. We should rather be digging serious and solid foundations for world unity and 'relative peace'; id est, a world, for example, where we can no longer monger arms that devestate people and communities whilst lining the pockets of magnates that hide in the sidelines profiteering.
Whether one is called to report on a situation in the Middle East, in Zimbabwe, in Darfur, in Ireland one can very quickly see where fundamental ethics are being ignored.
We are all sensitive and educated beings and we must harbour our feelings of contempt, of annoyance, hatred and mockery. Time is running out for many and, as world citizens, our responsabilities lie in reconciliation.
At the risk of sounding anachronistic, 'One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter'. This statement is verified throughout history and it would be harshly unacademic to ignore its existence.
The importance of returning to the Abrahamic origins of the Middle East is paramount. The nonsense of arbitrary and incorrect use of much religious terminology in this situation is aiding nobody but the stubborn, blind and cruelly righteous.
So I would ask, and implore, thinkers and activists to tender objectivity and help the poeple concerned on all sides.
Lets us ask the right questions concerning this conflict and have the courage to recognize that terror is being inflicted by many and is criminal. But let us do this with respect and dignity.
We owe this to our brothers and sisters throughout the world.
by: Finn Anson (contact) - 20 Jan '09 - 11:18
thanks Finn - if we all can take a step back and look at what we are doing - keeping the dignity of all human beings in our hearts (the basic idea behind the Irish peace process) then there is no reason why we cannot make progress. Of course, the securing of real human rights for everybody would mean an end to excessive profit mongering, land grabbing and above all the international arms trade - therein lies the problem.
by: Pol (contact) - 20 Jan '09 - 12:40


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