Pól Ó Lorcáin
Paul Larkin

Chroniclers are privileged to enter where they list, to come and go through keyholes, to ride upon the wind, to overcome in their soarings up and down, all obstacles of distance, time and place.
Charles Dickens - Barnaby Rudge, Chapter The Ninth

Is De Silva aware that the same spook gang murdered celebrity comedian Patrick Kielty's father a year earlier?

No overarching conspiracy?

A young Patrick Kielty on right of picture, carrying his father's coffin

I know nothing about the political beliefs of celebrity comedian Patrick Kielty (if indeed he has any), but I admire him for one thing and that is if you look at the above picture of a young man burying his father in tragic and terrifying circumstances, you have to say that Kielty has faced into the worst possible adversity and risen above it with honesty and dignity, and he seeks no vengeance. The very opposite values displayed by the politicians, spooks and security force chiefs who created the macabre murder paradigm that wiped out Jack Kielty, Patrick Kielty’s father.

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