Pól Ó Lorcáin
Paul Larkin

Chroniclers are privileged to enter where they list, to come and go through keyholes, to ride upon the wind, to overcome in their soarings up and down, all obstacles of distance, time and place.
Charles Dickens - Barnaby Rudge, Chapter The Ninth

Checked Out in Tescos Prussia Street

Checked Out

Her bent shape proclaiming her cauterised fate
Four hours solid in the same place

A countenance moulded to a stare
The shape of a checkout chair

Through sheer fatigue she lets me through the gate
A mistake
Me and my hyperactive Irish speaking kids
Iad ag léimtí, craiceáilte, suas agus síos
Full on shopping, toilet rolls, pan lids

Close the gate after you she snaps crackles and pops
Face severe as a headache, ears closed to small talk

Until I say

Jeez ye'll be glad to see the back of this day
The last bar-code pinged and zapped
She relaxed, collapsed her back
So that her soul shone in her eyes

My feet up and a glass of wine

We would never embrace
But we are joined in time and space
By the creased lines of our gaze
The Sisyphus blind faith

In our everyday resurrections

@Paul Larkin
Prussia Street
Mí an Mheithimh 2011

Don’t be fooled by Kevin Myers' anti loyalist tirade - it is anti working class

Progressive people (be they socialist, green or just truly liberal and free thinking) may initially have been cheered by Irish Independent columnist Kevin Myers’s anti loyalist diatribe in today’s Irish Independent. See

After all, we have had to put up with a constant stream of ‘both as bad as each other’ media propaganda since the UVF carried out its completely unwarranted attack on the beleaguered Catholic/Nationalist enclave of Short Strand at the beginning of the week. Cic Saor readers, however, will have more sense than to be taken in by this anachronistic (affectedly arch Old Etonian chic) who flirted with the revolutionary left for a while before reverting to anti working class type.
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Ku Klux Klan provoked into attack on black settlement – exclusive statement from Imperial Wizard

Dateline - Birmingham, Alabama 1921

By Star reporter Hiram Jones

The Alabama Star can exclusively reveal today the real reasons for the violence that erupted between Negroes and white residents in Birmingham Tuesday last.

State troopers were called in to quell the disturbances, which led to the hospitalisation of several white men for minor injuries.

Hundreds of homes were also destroyed in the small Negro enclave of Back Beach and two lynchings of suspected ring leaders took place. Now for the first time, and in a Star exclusive!, Klan Imperial Wizard Hiram Jones has issued a communiqué to explain the incident that sparked the righteous vengeance of whites.

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Will the real Stakeknife please stand up?

Several of the key points raised by my book A Very British Jihad have been missed by many people who have read the book. This fault line can be summed up by the story I tell about the notorious loyalist hardman James Pratt Craig.

James Pratt Craig, who didnt see the Jihad writing on the wall

In its own way, the murder, arranged by the security forces, of loyalist gangster James Pratt Craig is every bit as significant as the murder of Pat Finucane.
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Response from Daily Telegraph US correspondent Toby Harnden to my Cic Saor blog on Harry Breen RUC.

Cic Saor aficionados will be interested to hear that I have received a fairly lengthy response to my blog on the Smithwick Inquiry into the IRA murder of RUC Chief Superintendent Harry Breen – Mr Harnden’s reply can be seen in full below.

Before I tell you why I believe he is mostly very wrong in what he says, I must say Mr Harnden deserves kudos for taking the time to respond to my article and in such detail. Most journalists or writers who feel the wrath of my quill and ink, skulk around on other internet sites throwing oblique barbs in my direction under the cover of pseudonyms and troll names but never revealing who they really are. Toby Harnden clearly states who he is and the reasons for his response. Fair Play to him for that

All references to Harnden’s book “Bandit Country” refer to the “Revised and Updated“ paperback edition of 2000

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The Glorious Irish Republic - right here, right now

Right outside my door - a young woman, her face scorched by smack, throwing her ring up, whilst her equally young boyfriend, face emaciated by drugs watches helplessly. He can't hold her up because he's on two crutches, so he falls on to the pavement.

Jeez drugs are really cool aren't they?

right here right now in your glorious Republic

Chief Superintendent Harry Breen – frontline warrior for the British Jihad in Ireland

Do journalists ever bother to read books any more, consult their fading memory banks, check the internet, or pick up the phone and ask someone who might know more than they do, when reporting what happened in the Troubles?

For the past fortnight we have seen many headlines and column inches in our newspapers devoted to an inquiry set up to investigate the circumstances leading to the murder of two RUC officers by the IRA. The two police officers in question were Chief Superintendent Harry Breen and Superintendent Robert Buchanan whose unmarked car was ambushed not long after it had left Dundalk Garda station, and almost as soon as it crossed what was then the border between North and South. (There is no border any more).

SB officers Harry Breen and Robert Buchanan

The killings took place in March 1989 and these were the highest ranking police officers to have been killed at that time.
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Irish Times censors my response to ex UDA man David Adams

Former leading loyalist and regular Irish Times columnist David Adams told us today that, rather than being anti colonial freedom fighters, the Irish in fact were colonisers acting in full concert with the United Kingdom government.

I am not making this up.

The article entitled - "Obama's waffle feeds Irish taste for fantasy”, can be read here -

but the key quote made by this former prominent UDA member based in Lisburn, Co. Antrim says:
" an integral part of the UK, Ireland was at least as much coloniser as colonised, given the role it played in helping establish and maintain the British Empire."

(NB - Lisburn was the area from which loyalist killer Michael Stone usually operated, very often receiving his information from British agent Brian Nelson. The UDA commander in Lisburn John McMichael was also working for the “security forces”.)
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